League of Legends Hack - Be a challenger in just under a week!

We all know what Overwatch hack is, what we don't know is how to be one of the more powerful players in it. You would have to invest a large sum of hours just to master all the techniques that you need to become better at the game. Talk all about those hours which you need to invest, don't you just wish to cut that time by half? Well yes you can, with our tool you are able to just do that! What's worst is that there are many bogus tools around the internet that tells you that theirs work! Well let me tell you one thing, bogus! have a peek at this website for Appbounty

  • Works for all LoL server locations.
  • Scripts like SBTW (Spacebar-To-Win) will automatically do the full combo to a target enemy and ensure the kill.
  • Minimap Hack – Not truly a minimap hack but it helps you see where the last enemy location was on your minimap. The champion’s icon would stay on the last position seen and would re-appear once he gets out of the fog of war.
  • Skin Hack – let’s you use any skin for a champion, however this is only client-side, meaning you’re the only one who could see that you’re using another skin. It’s nice for aesthetics though.
  • Zoom Hack – lets you zoom out farther than normal. Increases ban chances though.

How to use the hack:
  1. Click the download button to get redirected to the download page.
  2. You would have to do a series of tests to prove that you are not a spambot.
  3. You are then redirected to a virus total scanner which would scan the file for you.
  4. The download link will then be presented and then register.
  5. Work it, rank it, play it!

Some other features of the League of Legends hack:

  • User-Scripted Codes - League of Legends Hack
    • Target selector, adcs first, ap mid second, support, bruiser then tank. You will prioritize targets for maximum pawnage!
    • Complete Repository of Champion Scripts
      • One very good example is Annie’s Script which can be found here.
        • BURST COMBO: Will use Annie's abilities to kill target (Our usual SBTW)
        • SMART KS COMBO: Uses Smart function to KS enemies checks for all possibilities that can be used to kill the enemy. 
        • HARRASS MODES: Q Harass in mixed mode with auto carry
        • FARM TOGGLES: Have configuration for Q, also can set in extra menu how low the mana could go down to.
        • DRAW SETTINGS: Have configuration for Drawing Q, Drawing Target, Drawing enemies that can die. 
        • CHARGE STUN WITH E: Uses annie's E to charge Stun.
        • Uses MEC for R & W: Tries to catch most enemies with the skill W & R.
        • DON'T Q FARM IF STUN IS UP: Menu toggle for not farming if your stun is up.
        • ONLY USE TIBBERS IF ENEMY CAN DIE: Has toggle to only use tibbers if enemies can die from it otherwise tibbers will be used in main combo if it can stun the enemies.
        •  ITEMS SUPPORT: Supports items for both KS Combos & Burst 
        • Combo, Supports Auto Zhonyas / Wooglets , auto pots with settings in the menu to set up for each when to be used.
      • Cassiopeia – Auto E when enemy is poisoned. Too op!
      •  Katarina – Just press spacebar and wait for a pentakill! The bot will use skills for you optimally so that your skills would be reset!
    • Evasion scripts – Yes, you can evade skillshots with the program. There was one time where 4 champions used their ultimates on me and I stood on that one small pixel where all 4 of them missed. They hated me for that, all those ultimates for nothing.
    • Auto Orb-Walk / Last Hit – You just push a button and the bot would farm for you. Another button and the bot would auto-attack for you. Moving while attacking for maximum damage possible (orb-walking). 
    • Aimbot – The bot can predict skillshots for you. You know how ezreal wins? By hitting all his skillshots and this can really help you!
    • Enemy Ultimate Interruption – Got a champion with a stun and that Katarina is spinning? Don’t worry, the bot will stun her for you!
    • Ward Jumper
    • Auto Smite
    • Auto Shield & Heal
    • Auto Ignite
    • Auto Potion
    • Enemy alerter – Did a jungler appeared out of nowhere and is flanking you in the back? The bot would ping you! More awareness for you.
    • Perfect Ward – Perfect ward locations.
    • Hidden objects – Let’s you see where hidden objects are located like wards and shaco boxes and what not.
    • Minimap Timers
    • Flash Revealer – Let’s you see where the enemy flashed to. Especially useful for shacos and those that flashes to fog of war.
    • Clone Revealer – No more false shacos and leblanc.
    • AND MORE!